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Thursday 22 October


Who are members of the LMAA?

Full members of the LMAA are those arbitrators practising maritime arbitration in London who have satisfied the LMAA Committee that they are and have been working as arbitrators and are capable of properly conducting themselves as arbitrators, writing awards, and so on. They come from many backgrounds: there are former brokers, owners, charterers, operators, consultants, surveyors, mariners, P&I Club executives, lawyers and judges.


What is the LMAA and what does it do?

The London Maritime Arbitrators Association ("LMAA") is, as its name implies, an association of maritime arbitrators practising in London. It exists to promote and support London maritime arbitration in various ways. It does not administer or supervise the conduct of arbitrations (unlike, for example, the Chambre Arbitrale Maritime in Paris, or the ICC International Court of Arbitration): the arbitrations its members conduct remain ad hoc and are administered by the tribunals involved.

Occasionally, however, the LMAA (or, more usually, the President for the time being) will appoint arbitrators, when an arbitration agreement provides for it to do so or when parties specially agree that it should.

The LMAA does not seek to train or educate arbitrators: its full members are considered capable of acting as arbitrators when they are admitted to membership (see Who are members of the LMAA?). It usually has between 40 and 50 full members, as well as a number of retired members. In order to maintain the fullest possible links with the users of London maritime arbitration and their representatives it also maintains a category of Supporting Membership (see What is supporting membership of the LMAA?) usually of some 700 or more individuals.

The LMAA has also published a set of Terms, the LMAA Terms (2012) (see What are the LMAA Terms?) subject to which members accept arbitration appointments and which thus govern the very large majority of London maritime arbitrations. It has also produced a Small Claims Procedure or "SCP" (see What is the Small Claims Procedure?) and a set of Mediation Terms (see What about ADR?).


What is supporting membership of the LMAA?

Supporting membership is a category of membership for those who do not ordinarily act as arbitrators but who “are in sympathy with and wish to lend their support to the achievement of the objects of the Association”. It is thus open to individuals from a very broad range of professions linked to or concerned with maritime arbitration. Supporting members come from the law, P&I Clubs, the insurance market, brokers, owners, operators, charterers, consultants and expert witnesses, to name but some examples; and they are from many countries.

The current subscription is £100 per year. Supporting members receive the Association's regular newsletter and invitations to participate in functions, including the Annual Dinner, the annual Supporting Members Lunch and the annual Seminar. In addition, there exists a Supporting Members Liaison Committee which enables the Committee of the Association to be in close contact with the supporting members and to consult them as necessary.

Application forms can be obtained from the Honorary Secretary.


Where can I find members' particulars?

Details of members can be found on this website (Full Members) or in the printed LMAA Terms and List of Members Handbook. Contact particulars and brief career details are given there. If further particulars are required the member can be contacted direct. Most will be happy to provide a curriculum vitae (or resumé) on request.


Are LMAA arbitrators impartial?

One of the qualities the LMAA Committee looks for before admitting a candidate to full membership is that of impartiality - something that is in any event required by the English Arbitration Act 1996.