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Tuesday 20 October


The Association is delighted to announce that it is supporting CIArb’s new Diploma in International Maritime Arbitration.

The Maritime Arbitration Diploma is an intensive 9-day course, specifically designed for maritime professionals wishing to become familiar with international maritime arbitration law and practice.   

CIArb is a non-profit organisation with a Royal Charter, recognised as a leader in arbitration training world-wide. As a professional qualification body, CIArb provides internationally recognised courses on alternative dispute resolution methods. Completion of the Diploma in International Maritime Arbitration course will enable successful candidates to apply for Fellowship of CIArb (FCIArb), which is a widely recognised qualification among most international arbitration institutions and practitioners.

The London Maritime Arbitrators Association is the world’s leading body concerned with maritime arbitration.

The Maritime Arbitration Diploma, directed by George Lambrou FCIArb, a Solicitor Advocate with nearly 20 years of experience acting for clients in a wide range of maritime disputes around the world, and edited by Bruce Harris, an LMAA arbitrator, is modelled on CIArb’s world-renowned Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration, which takes place in Oxford each year. The Diploma will have a supervised dissertation part, as well as nine days of expert, face to face tuition. Its modules incorporate the law, practice and procedure of international maritime arbitration, as well as evidence, decision making and award writing.

By far, the vast majority of maritime arbitrations take place in London and the course will consider the Arbitration Act 1996 and also the Terms and Procedures of the London Maritime Arbitrators Association (LMAA). The course will also refer to  maritime arbitration in other major maritime centres and specific types of maritime arbitration occurring under shipbuilding contracts, salvage, bills of lading, charterparties and other commonly encountered maritime contracts.

For more information about the course, please follow the link below:


The Seminar flyer can be viewed here.

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