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Wednesday 28 October


The LMAA has taken steps to protect its employees by isolation and this will continue until the UK Government’s guidance suggests that contact may be safely resumed. Therefore those requiring the services of the LMAA office, and of our Executive Secretary, Margareta Svigler, in particular, are asked to communicate exclusively by email to info@lmaa.london or telephone to +44(0)20 7283 7701.

In case of emergency you may also contact our Hon Secretary, Daniella Horton, at dhorton@hortation.com, or telephone +44 (0)20 8325 6631. The Baltic Exchange Building will be closed until further notice but the office’s business will continue to be conducted remotely and will be functional for all normal business.

Requests for the appointment of arbitrators in SCP and other cases may continue to be sent by email to the LMAA at The Baltic Exchange and will be redirected as necessary. Requests for certifications by the Hon Secretary or the President may also be directed to the Executive Secretary by email at info@lmaa.london

Arrangements for Case Management Conferences in current cases may be made by arrangement with the parties, using conferencing technology such as FaceTime, Skype or Zoom, or of course by telephone conference call. The LMAA is working with the IDRC and other concerned parties to promote the use of available technology to enable virtual hearings to be held as necessary. I would draw your attention to the facilities of the IDRC and Opus 2 for electronic hearings and video conferencing which are already available:




There should be no significant effect on cases proceeding on documents alone (which make up the significant majority of arbitrations under LMAA Terms). 

We request that payments to the LMAA and individual arbitrators and tribunals be made by bank transfer wherever possible, rather than by cheque.  Please also use email wherever possible in communicating with the LMAA. If you nevertheless wish to send any application or other documents by mail please also send a copy by email. Please do not send documents by courier.

We hope that all our members are able to remain safe during this pandemic and assure you that the LMAA's services, and the services of LMAA arbitrators, will continue to be available (except of course if an arbitrator is incapacitated by illness). We hope however that you will understand that in some cases there may be a slight delay in responding to requests and enquiries.

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