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Wednesday 28 October


On 6 September 2019 the President took part with representatives of CIETAC, the LCIA and Stockholm Chamber of Commerce in a London conference organised around CIETAC to discuss best practice in international commercial arbitration and to compare experience.

The President drew attention to the preference for ad hoc arbitration in the maritime field and the large number of arbitrations conducted in London on this basis, compared to the considerably smaller numbers in all sectors reported by leading international arbitral institutions (including the ICC). He suggested that, in devising international standards and rules defining “best practice” in "international commercial arbitration", the experience of the LMAA and other bodies concerned with ad hoc arbitration needed to be properly taken into account by the IBA, ICCA and other arbitral institutions.

Dr Li the Deputy Secretary General of CIETAC expressed satisfaction that the English courts had recently shown willingness to recognise CIETAC arbitration awards and spoke of the high procedural standards applied by CIETAC. Audley Sheppard QC chairman of the Board of the LCIA, referring to the Prague Rules, and Mr Johan Gernandt of the SCC, spoke of the need to recognise the differences between English adversarial procedures and the different procedures applied in civil  law systems in relation to pleadings/memorials, disclosure and witness evidence and for the positive features of each to be recognised and implemented in international commercial arbitration practice.

View Photo from the event here.

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