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Thursday 22 October

On 10 January 2017, the President and the Honorary Secretary met with a visiting delegation from Xiamen.  
The deputation comprised eight delegates including 3 Judges of the Xiamen Maritime Court, Vice President Qiu Zhixiong, Presiding Judge Cai Fujun and Vice-Presiding Judge Hong Zhiefeng.  Chen Guoxiong, Judge of the Higher People’s Court of Fujian Province also joined the deputation.  
The purpose of the delegation’s visit was to further the on-going co-operation between the LMAA and Xiamen and to consider ways in which the LMAA might assist the Xiamen Maritime Court and the Chinese Maritime Courts more generally in understanding aspects of (i) ad hoc arbitration, (ii) maritime arbitration with a London seat and (iii) finality of an award issued under English law given the limited right of appeal available under the English Arbitration Act 1996.
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