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Saturday 24 October


The 2019 statistics of the London Maritime Arbitrators Association indicate that London, and LMAA arbitration in particular, has further consolidated its position as the world’s leading place for the resolution of disputes in the maritime industry and related commercial sectors (including dispute concerning construction of offshore units).

In 2019 LMAA arbitrators received a total of 2952 arbitration appointments (2018: 2599).  There was an increase of almost 15% in LMAA Terms appointments (up from 2369 in 2018 to 2697 in 2019). There was also an increase in Small Claims Procedure appointments (up from 207 in 2018 to 218 in 2019. This has resulted in an overall increase in new cases of well over 10%, from 1561 new references in 2018 to 1756 new references in 2019.

The total number of awards published also increased to 529.  In 2019 401 awards were published under the LMAA Terms, with a further 7 ICP and 121 SCP awards also being issued. This compares to 377 Terms, 5 ICP and 124 SCP awards in 2018.

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